30 days of Exclusive content, Islamicevents.sg will be providing content throughout the whole 30 days. This contents include Free Hafalan Sessions (Fast Fidz) , Exclusive Talk with our Veteran Asatizahs, Refresher Class for Solat (Fikir Fiqh) and also Talks regarding Ramadhan (Ta’aruf Tauhid)! The best thing about it – All of it is  FREE!

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Fikir Fiqh

Revise and Recap the Fiqh of Solat and Ibadah during Ramadhan!

Together with Ustaz Zubair Redza, we will go through the basic and beautifiying our Solah in this Ramadhan.

From topics such as – Pillars of Solah, Sunnah & Qiyam Solah, Do’s and Don’ts in Solah and many more.

Come and join us as we refine our solah through proper knowledge and understanding.

Ta'aruf Tauhid

Know more about Ramadhan with Ustaz Syaakir!

He will be sharing on the different Frequently Asked Topics such as  –

Why is there a need to Fast, Nuzul Quran (What is it about) and even Ibadah Add-ons on top of your daily ibadah!

Exclusive Talk

Together with our Local and Veteran Asatizahs, they will be sharing about the different phase of Ramadhan.

Topics like the Days of Forgiveness, Days of Mercy, Seeking Refuge in Ramadhan, The Last 10 Days of Ramadhan and Ways to Maintain the Spirit of Ramadhan.

Most of this Sessions will be done in Malay.

Fast and Fidz

Join us and challenge yourselves to memorise 21 Surahs in 30 days this Ramadhan!

Along with our local asatizahs, we’ll be guiding you on memorising from Surah An-Nas, till Surah Ad-Dhuha in our Fast and Fidz Show! With different technique such as Talaqqi, and repetitive recitation – InshaAllah, you will realise that memorising the quran is not difficult at all.

All you have to do is just tune in the show in Facebook or Youtube during Sahoor or watch the video during the day! All this for free! Or……………..

Sign up and pay only $5/-  to get your memorisation check and verify!*

 Not only that, but you will also receive a certification of participation saying that you’ve memorise 21 Surahs in this Ramadhan!

How cool is that!?

*Exclusive checks Limited to 100 particpants only.


Event Timeline

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Join us now and Let’s make our Ramadhan a different yet better one compared to before!

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