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13 Lessons on Fardhu Ain

Released on 15 Feb 2020 Sundays.  

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Kuliah Tafsir Reviews ( Since 24 Nov 2019) 

We are hired to Livestream Ustaz Dr Fatris Bakaram Kuliah Tafsir classes every Sunday since 24 Nov 2019. 

However Ustaz speaks in Malay and we know that many of you would prefer to be in English. Hence we hired a writer to review the classes weekly and to be written in English.  

You will receive the updates on Sundays.  

Event updates ( Since 2008 )

As our portal name – Islamicevents.sg suggests we will be propagating Islamic activities on our portal found only in Singapore.

If you happen to be overseas, these events may not be applicable to you.





Infaq updates ( Since 2015 )

There are many people who are poor and have no access to resources and there are people who have money but no access to how to share their resources.

Infaq.sg is the platform to bridge these groups of people.

You will be receiving the project updates here via email on Fridays.  

Solo Events / Service updates

As our organisation requires funds to operate and maintain our existence, we do sell advertising packages to Islamic event organisers or Muslim service providers such as Umrah packages, etc.

This will be sent randomly when we do have advertisers on board.

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